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Hot Dipped Galvanized Expanded Metal

The expanded metal is protected by the zinc which corrodes instead of the steel, essentially sacrificing itself to protect the steel. Hot dipped galvanized expanded metal is popular used for outside construction.

Product parameters

How to Order Galvanized Expanded Metal ?.

When ordering or specifying Expanded Metal, please confirm:

• The Style

• Flattened or Raised

• Material

• Sheet Size

Example:  Expanded Metal 3/4" # 9 Flattened,carbon steel, standard 4' x 8' sheet..

Carbon Steel Flattened Expanded Metal

Hot Dipped Galvanized Flattened Expanded Metal
StyleWeight in
Standard   Size
    in feet
SWDLWDSize of   Strands 
    in inches
1/4" #20834X80.2551.0300.0860.03
1/4" #181114X80.2551.0300.0860.04
1/2" #20404X80.5001.2600.070.029
1/2" #18664X8,4X10,5X100.5001.2600.1090.039
1/2" #16824X8,4X10,5X100.5001.2600.1030.05
1/2" #131404X8,4X10,5X100.5001.2600.1220.07
3/4" #16514X8,4X10,5X100.9232.1000.1150.048
3/4" #14634X8,4X10,5X100.9232.1000.1190.061
3/4" #13754X8,4X10,5X100.9232.1000.1190.07
3/4" #101144X80.9232.1000.160.07
3/4" #91714X8,4X10,5X100.9232.1000.1640.12
1"   #10 1654X81.0902.5600.160.11
1 1/2"   #16384X81.3303.2000.1230.048
1 1/2"   #14464X8,4X10,5X101.3303.2000.1380.06
1 1/2"   #13 574X8,4X10,5X101.3303.2000.1380.07
1 1/2"   #12664X81.3303.2000.1160.085
1 1/2"   #101654X81.3303.2000.1880.11
1 1/2 “ #91114X8,4X10,5X101.3303.2000.1750.11

Product Features

If the steel is damaged the corrosion products from the zinc are deposited on the damaged area of the expanded metal sheet, thereby resealing it from the atmosphere preventing the sideways creep of corrosion.  Galvanizing expanded can protect the steel for up to 20 years if applied in the correct in environment.

Hot dipped galvanised expanded metal are a cost effective solution for long term to medium protection, although non cosmetic in appearance in terms of Architectural applications, galvanised sheets can be painted.  They provide a cost effective, long term protective solution.

Scope of application

Galvanized Expanded Metal is used in a variety of specialty applications, such as lawn furniture,book and storage shelves, lamps and lamp shades, fireplace screens, many types of grilles, occasional tables, folding screens, room dividers, and air filtration filters.

  1.  Air and Fluid Filters

  2.  Ventilation Systems

  3.  Pest control, Screening and Grading, Milling, Flooring for Pigs, Sheep or Cattle

  4.  Outdoor Furniture

  5.  Speaker Grills

  6.   Security Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Doors

  7.  Machine and Window Guards

  8.  Fencing

  9.  Shelving and Racks

  10.  Concrete Reinforcements

  11.  Walkways and Stair Treads

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