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Round Hole Aluminum Perforated Mesh

Round Hole Aluminum Perforated Mesh used most among aluminum perforated facade or ceilings.The round punching hole is always popular used for building architects.The hole diameter can be produced as request.

Product parameters

At present, most of the aluminum sheets produced in the industry are further reprocessed and then used, and the use is very wide. Today, the main purpose of the Round Hole Aluminum Perforated Mesh is mainly introduced. Generally speaking, the Round Hole Aluminum Perforated Mesh is a punching plate which is formed by mechanically perforating various aluminum plates. The size of the punching holes is mainly designed according to the use environment.

Product nameAluminum Perforated metal mesh (also known as perforated sheet, stamping plates, or perforated screen)
MaterialSteel, Aluminium,Stainless steel, Bronze, Brass, Titanium, and so on.
Hole shaperound, square, diamond,rectangular perforations,octagonal cane,grecian,plum blossom etc,can be made as your design.
Mesh size1220*2440mm,1200*2400mm,1000*2000mm or customized
Surface treatment1.PVC coated2.Powder coated3.Anodized4.Paint5.Fluorocarbon spraying6.Polishing
Package1.On pallet with waterproof cloth2.In wooden case with waterproof paper3.In carton box4.In roll with woven bag5.In bulk or In bundle
CertificationISO9001,ISO14001,BV,SGS Certificate

Round Hole Aluminum Perforated MeshRound Hole Aluminum Perforated MeshRound Hole Aluminum Perforated MeshRound Hole Aluminum Perforated Mesh

Product Features

Features of Round Hole Aluminum Perforated Mesh:

•Protect the architectures from strong sun light,

•fire proof,


•sound absorption,

•simple installation,

•low maintenance cost,

•flexible combination,

• fashion design,

•various colors,

• deluxe outlook,

• environment-friendly.

Scope of application

General Application of Perforated Sheet Metal ( Aluminium): 

Perforated Metal Sheet is used in ceiling and wall panels decoration, air flow and light disffusion, security guarding and many other applications in architectural design projects.

  • Facades or curtain walls;

  • Round or square columns cladding of building;

  • Ceilings and roofs decoration;

  • Buildings, subways, tunnels, and bus stations, airport waiting rooms, bridges, toll gates decoration; 

  • Decoration with glass for curtain walls;

  • Shielding sheets of machines, electrical equipment;

  • Metal screen to control the flow of air in roof design;

  • Decorative roof panel for light diffusing; 

  • Privacy screen;

  • Building walls acoustical boards for reducing the noise;

  • Sun shading sheet; 

  • Fencing and decoration of the building stairs, balconies, hotel towers;

  • Mesh covers of audio amplifiers;

  • Mesh curtains for space partition and privacy screen;

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