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Powder Coated Expanded Metal

Powder coated expanded metal mesh widely used for rchitectural applications include ceiling panels, fencing, partitions, speaker grilles and store displays. Some decorative applications include interior and exterior design facades, screening, sunshades, building cladding and ceiling and wall lighting. 

Product parameters

Powder Coated Expanded metal comes from the press after having been die cut and expanded. Flattened expanded metal usually 5% lighter than raised expanded metal. And heavy expanded metal grating is easy to install and maintain, and it has better benefit in slip-resistant surface on stairs, platform, catwalk and pedestrian walkways.

Expanded Metal Mesh

Product Features

Features of powder coated expanded metal:

  1. various colors available

  2. economical 

  3. Anti corosion protection

  4. Decorative application

  5. easy installation for fence

  6. interior ceilings

Scope of application

Powder Coated expanded metal has widely applications as below:

  1. Interior metal mesh ceiling

  2. outer mesh fence

  3. machine guard

  4. chair,seat or table

  5. Sun screens,Building facade

  6. Windows,gates and wall panels

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