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Expanded Aluminum Gratings

Expanded Metal Grating is supplied in a Standard (raised) diamond pattern or a Flattened diamond pattern. Expanded Aluminum Gratings are also part of our wide range of selections available directly from inventory. Numerous gauges, opening sizes, materials, and sheet sizes are options that will surely fit your project requirements!

Product parameters

When ordering or specifying Expanded Aluminum Gratings, please confirm:

• The Style

• Flattened or Raised

• Material

• Sheet Size

Example:  Expanded Metal 2.0#grating, Standard,aluminum, standard 4' x 8' sheet.

XG Expanded Aluminum Gratings

Expanded Aluminum Gratings

Product Features

Features of Expanded Aluminum Gratings:

  1. The mesh is formed from a single piece of metal

  2. The process is not wasteful of material

  3. Higher strength-to-weight ratio than sheet metal

  4. Anti-slip surface

  5. Excludes and retains simultaneously

  6. Premium reinforcement properties

  7. Practical and effective screening

  8. Super corrosion resistance

Scope of application

Applications of Expanded Aluminum Gratings:

  1. Walkway

  2. Stairtread

  3. Sidewalk

  4. Platform in factory

  5. Drain Grating

  6. safety guards

  7. Truck and ramps

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