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Aluminum Foil Mesh for Air Conditioner

Aluminum foil mesh, special aluminum foil inner and outer mesh for air conditioners and range hoods,  mostly used for filtration of gases such as large air conditioning pipes and air inlets of equipment air outlets.

Product parameters

Material: pure aluminum plate, iron-chromium aluminum plate, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, alloy aluminum plate 1 series, 8 series, 1060 electrolytic aluminum foil (content above 99.6%), 1100 (99.0%), 8810 (BS1470 American standard).

Specifications: Single-layer thickness of aluminum foil mesh: 0.04--0.2 mm. Aluminum foil mesh mesh size: 1X2mm, 3X6mm, 4X8mm, 5X10mm, 3X8mm, 4X10mm, 4X12mm, 6X12mm.etc.

Product Features

Expanded aluminum foil mesh works by Self-stretching, the degree of stretching is controlled by itself, with good controllability,

As long as the material of aluminum foil mesh is 8011; hardness: H24 is the best (belongs to semi-hard state)

Expanded aluminum foil mesh mostly used as a filter at the air outlet of air conditioners, microwave ovens, range hoods, etc.

Material includes steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate mesh, stainless steel plate mesh, aluminum foil mesh, etc. According to the hole: diamond, square, round hole, triangle, fish phosphorus hole.

Specifications: Customized according to customer requirements.

Scope of application

  1. The inner and outer meshes of special aluminum foil for air conditioners are 500mm-800mm wide and 0.2mm-0.05mm thick. They are mainly used for oil fume filtration and air purification such as household appliances, and are mainly used in the production of all-aluminum metal filters.

  2. The aluminum foil filter screen for the range hood is made of aluminum foil and stretched into a diamond shape by mechanical punching. After that, the outer layer of the multi-layer aluminum foil screen is superimposed and the outer layer is supported by the aluminum expansion screen, and the surrounding materials are used as a frame. Air filtration for cooker hood vents.

  3. Multi-layer aluminum foil mesh superimposed with external aluminum mesh for support. Wrap around borders. The number of superimposed layers of aluminum foil mesh, the size of the support mesh, the overall thickness, the size of the air foil filter mesh, the frame material, and the specifications are all customized according to the machine conditions.

  4. It is mostly used for the filtration of gases such as large air-conditioning pipes, equipment air outlets and air inlets.

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