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Nickel Expanded Mesh

Nickel Expanded Mesh is made of pure nickel foil by precision expanding technique. The nickel expanded mesh fits best for battery and fuel cell electrodes and currency collector, for example nickel-compartment/Ni-Hi/Li-ion battery electrode

Product parameters

Nickel expanded mesh stretch mesh is stamped and stretched by nickel plate or nickel foil, and the mesh is diamond-shaped. 

Various sizes of LWDXSWD :1.25X2.5mm, 1.5X2mm, 1.5X3mm, 1.6*3.2mm, 2X2.5mm, 2X3mm, 2X4mm, 3X6mm, 4X8mm, 5X10mm, etc.

Nickel wire woven mesh is woven from nickel wire, generally using plain weave technology, and the mesh is square. 

Mesh: 10 mesh. 20 mesh. 28 mesh. 30 mesh. 40 mesh. 50 mesh. 60 mesh. 70 mesh. 80 mesh. 90 mesh. 100 mesh. 150 mesh. 

The nickel perforated metal punching mesh is punched into holes by mechanical punching on the surface of the nickel plate (foil). Trapezoid etc. The mesh thickness is 0.04mm--5mm.

Nickel mesh purity: 99.5, 99.85 suitable for electronics, shielding, chemical industry, filtration, conductivity and other industries.

Product Features

Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, mainly used for screening and gas, liquid filtration and other media separation under strong acid and alkali environment conditions.

Scope of application

Nickel expanded mesh application:

new energy power generation, 


chemical industry, 


wire mesh demister, 

oil and gas processor, 

internal combustion engine filter element, 

dust filter

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