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Expanded Aluminum Foil

Expanded aluminum foil is also called aluminium foil filter nets, and expanded metal foil filter mesh. Aluminium foil is punched and stretched by machine, which shape is diamond and hecagonal. 

Product parameters

The outside width of aluminium foil mesheis 500mm-800mm, 

the thickness is 0.02mm-0.7mm,

 the mesh opening can be 1x2mm, 3x6mm, 4x8mm, 5x10mm, 3x8mm, 4x10mm, 4x12mm, 6x12mm, etc. 

It is mainly used on air filtration and liquid filtrationsuch as air-conditioner filtration and rang hood filtration.

Product Features

Expanded aluminum foil mesh product features:

Aluminum mesh foil has the characteristics of no rust and beautiful color.

The surface of the aluminum mesh can be oxidized to appear blue, green, yellow, pink, red, etc.

Aluminum mesh is widely used in house decoration, handicraft production, high-end speaker mesh and so on.

Six, aluminum foil mesh specifications:

Aluminum foil mesh aperture

0.5x1mm, 1x2mm, 1.25x2.5mm, 1.5x2.5mm, 1.6x3.2mm, 2x3mm, 3x4mm, 3*5mm, 3*6mm, 4*8mm, 5*10mm, 6*12mm, 8*16mm, 10* 20mm, 12*25mm, 15*30mm 20x40mm 25x50mm 30x60mm 40x80mm 50x100mm etc.

Scope of application

Expanded aluminum foil Mesh are used in LIQUID FILTRATION


Chemical processing

Gas turbines

Food processing

Water and waste treatment



Brewing and wine making

Gasoline, diesel or alternate fuel engines


Expanded aluminum foil Mesh are used in AIR FILTRATION

Engine crankcase—breather elements

Air conditioning systems—to filter compressor oil from air and to remove pollen from intake air

Restaurant range hoods—as grease traps

Heating and ventilating systems—to filter dust

Intake filters—for air compressors

Clean air rooms—as dust traps

Engine air intake filters

Industrial vacuum cleaner filters

Air cleaning and smog suppressant equipment

Washing machines—as lint traps

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