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Expanded Metal Mesh damage too fast solution

Nov. 22, 2019

Expanded Metal Mesh, widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, pesticide, mining, coal, pharmaceutical, rubber, telecommunications, light industry, textile, construction, food and other industrial fields, as catalytic catalyst filler, filtration and screening of various powders, Liquids and gases, etc. The wire mesh produced by our factory has high weaving precision, compact structure, high strength, wear resistance, pressure resistance and durability on the basis of absolutely ensuring the material. It can also be customized to produce various high-temperature resistance according to user requirements. It is resistant to strong acid, corrosion-resistant screens and special-purpose screens to meet the needs of different users at home and abroad.

Expanded metal mesh has considerable room for growth in the filtration product industry. Manufacture and features: After the mold is stretched and stretched. The product has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, large tensile strength, resistance to intergranular corrosion, uniform wire diameter, smooth surface, bright white color and good ovality. Standard Φ2.0mm-Φ0.06mm. The use of stainless steel filter mesh: weaving mesh, manufacturing welding wire, handicrafts, re-stretching raw materials, home appliances, working devices, wall clocks, hardware parts of mechanical equipment, etc. The main reasons for the damage are clay accumulation, motor steering error, poor fit of the screen and screen frame, and poor screen quality.

The expanded metal mesh is too small in the vibration of clay to be sieved under polymer drilling fluid conditions, which can not effectively overcome the viscous force of drill cuttings, resulting in the accumulation of cuttings on the screen and rapid damage to the screen.

Expanded Metal Gothic Mesh

Expanded Metal Gothic Mesh


1. Increase the vibration amplitude

2. Drain the screen and cuttings with sprayed water to reduce the stickiness of the cuttings.

3. Adjust the angle of the screen at the end of the sand discharge to the downward direction, which is good for the debris to be discharged by gravity, but it may lead to running.

4. Replacing the mesh number of the screen or adjusting the flow rate of the single screen to ensure that the flow stop point of the drilling fluid is close to the screen outlet, so that the drill cuttings are smoothly discharged under the lubrication of the drilling fluid.

Expanded Metal Gothic Mesh is divided into stainless steel mesh and carbon steel mesh according to the mesh material. Carbon steel mesh: According to the manufacturing requirements, it is divided into a soft-edge mesh and hard-edged mesh. The metal mesh is made of high-quality Q195 carbon steel and the cold-drawn unit is used to cold-pull the blank wire into the customer's required wire diameter (wire diameter up to 3.0). Mm), the cold drawn steel wire is leveled by the leveling machine and then cut into the required length dimension by the automatic cutting machine. The wire with the cut length is placed in a special mold (to make the mold according to the mesh size of the customer), welded through a semi-automatic welding machine, and then trimmed with a trimming machine, the soft edge mesh Can be made. If you want to process the hard-edged mesh, you can weld the soft-edged mesh to the outer frame (the outer frame is usually made of a square tube or round tube, and the square tube or round tube is welded according to the size required by the customer). Hard-edge mesh. Our company is Metal Sheet Mesh Manufacturer, welcome to consult.

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