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Galvanized Gothic Expanded Mesh, how much do you know?

Nov. 15, 2019

Galvanized Gothic Expanded Mesh is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire rods. It is made of high-quality low-carbon steel, which is drawn, pickled and rusted, high temperature annealed and hot-dip galvanized. Processed by cooling and other processes. The galvanized wire is further divided into Hot Dipped Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh and cold galvanized wire (galvanized wire).

Galvanized Gothic Expanded Mesh

Galvanized Gothic Expanded Mesh

It is mainly used for surface coating of highway guardrails, railway guardrails, park guardrails, garden guardrails, chain fences, etc. floor. The main difference between spray and dip galvanized steel wire: dip coating is better than spray coating. From the appearance, the outer surface of the spray pen should be hard and smooth. However, the knife on the surface of the fence can be used to further distinguish. Look at the thickness. The thickness of the impregnation is greater than the thickness of the spray. Typically, the spray has a thickness of only about 0.2 mm and the spray has a thickness greater than 3 mm.

How the barbed wire changes the deformation caused by external natural conditions

In cement cracking mortar, steel mesh can also be used. The practice has proved that the traditional cement mortar is applied to the insulation layer. It cannot handle crack resistance. It is necessary to use special anti-cracking mortar with a reasonable reinforcement net. A combination of crack resistance. It can better receive the expansion, shorten the deformation caused by external natural conditions, evenly eliminate the deformation stress of the temperature difference, and then effectively avoid the occurrence of cracks. For example, the surface is a tile, but the wire diameter and spacing of the wire mesh should be recognized by the test, and the short side of the tile should be at least two holes. Galvanized screens for corrosion protection should be applied to the screen. Single network structure and traditional cement mortar leveling and steel surface wireframe polystyrene board external insulation system has many irrational (large load, easy Kailie) and external positive and negative wind pressure, thermal expansion and shortening, shrinkage and wet Swelling, small weight light mortars and small shortening rates should be used to make planes and use the dual-network structure to end the active process. Modifications reduced load and increased resistance to cracking.

Quality control standards for travel insulation systems. Due to the influence of many messy elements such as raw data, the difference in sample inspection and the conditions of construction, it is necessary to make the quality of wall insulation not determined. In order to ensure the quality of the wall insulation, it is necessary to advance the quality control speed of the insulation system. Mathematical calculations are carried out under normal production and construction conditions. A method is used to find the joint value and standard deviation of the heat transfer coefficients of several insulation data sets, and a reliable guarantee rate is recognized according to the degree of dispersion.

Standard Expanded Metal Mesh is divided into stainless steel mesh and carbon steel mesh according to the mesh material. Carbon steel mesh: According to the manufacturing requirements, it is divided into the soft-edge mesh and hard-edged mesh. The metal mesh is made of high-quality Q195 carbon steel. The cold-drawn unit is used to cold-pull the blank wire into the customer's required wire diameter. The steel wire is leveled by the leveling machine and then cut into the required length dimension by the automatic cutting machine. The wire with the cut length is placed in a special mold (to make the mold according to the mesh size of the customer), welded through a semi-automatic welding machine, and then trimmed with a trimming machine, the soft edge mesh can be made. If you want to machine the hard-edged mesh, you can weld the soft-edged mesh to the outer frame to make a hard-edged mesh.

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