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What are the raw material requirements for making Hot Dipped Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh?

Nov. 29, 2019

As a Metal Sheet Mesh Manufacturer, share the information with you. Steel mesh for external wall construction can effectively deal with wall cracks, falls, and hollowing. In recent years, it has become a prevalent trend. Hot-dip galvanized steel wire mesh has also been approved by us. The surface is flat, the width of the mesh and the length of the mesh meet the engineering requirements, welding process, weight, zinc content, etc.

The gap construction steel wire connected to the wall column before the wall plastering has a certain effect on the reinforcement and insulation. The length of each side is 100mm to avoid shortening cracks caused by different bottom layers. The horizontal connection of different foundations refers to the joint of masonry walls, columns and beams.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh

Hot Dipped Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh

There are two types of galvanized wire mesh: Hot Dipped Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh and cold-galvanized steel wire mesh. Galvanized wire mesh system is made of high-quality low carbon steel wire and welded by a fine automatic mechanical process. The net surface is flat, the structure is stable, and the integrity is strong. Even if the galvanized wire mesh is partially cut or the pressure is not loosened, the galvanized wire mesh after galvanizing (hot-dip) has excellent corrosion resistance. Hot-dip galvanized steel wire mesh has the characteristics of good resistance, thick coating, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and strong coating. Cold galvanized steel wire mesh is economical and practical, with white gloss.

There are two types of wire mesh materials for wall plastering, one is electroplating and the other is hot-dip galvanizing. The former has a low cost and wide application scale. The cost of hot-dip galvanized material is slightly higher than that of electroplating. The cost is high, the service life is long, and rust is avoided.

What is the difference between hot galvanized and cold galvanized? Hot-dip galvanized wire mesh is hot-rolled galvanized chain link mesh and cold-dip galvanized wire mesh is cold-rolled galvanized mesh. From the data, the composition of the two types of galvanized wire mesh is similar. The difference is that the cold-galvanized wire mesh is thinner, the surface quality is better, and the process is messier.

It is necessary to deal with it thoroughly. As for the steel structure planner, it is necessary to prevent the planning of components with a joint surface, and to prevent incomplete pickling or unacceptable pickling in the gap between the joint surfaces. The phenomenon of yellow water flowing on the surface of the galvanized wire. Hot-dip zinc is performed at high temperatures. Regarding the tubular member, its two ends should be left open. If the two ends are sealed, the meeting will cause the air in the tube to swell and cause the head plate to burst, which will then constitute a safety accident. If one end is closed, the zinc liquid cannot flow smoothly, and it is easy to accumulate in the tube.

From a technical point of view, the steel is hot-rolled from the slab and rolled into a certain thickness. For example, the thickness is about 10mm. If the user does not have higher requirements for the surface, thickness and mechanical strength of the plate, the product can be processed. Such as galvanized chain link fence, etc., are directly sold as hot plates. Assuming higher requirements are placed on the plate, the hot-rolled plate is then sent to the cold rolling line for re-processing, and after pickling, annealing, and rolling, etc., a thinner, brighter surface, and better mechanical properties are obtained. Rolled sheet. Our company also has Standard Raised Expanded Metal Mesh for sale, welcome to consult.

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