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XS Expanded Metal

XS Expanded Metal is Japan Standard JIS3351 Expanded metal.XS expanded metal and XG expanded metal is popular used for Thailand and South Africa market.Standard sheet size usually 4ftx8ft,5ftx10ft.

Product parameters

When you order XS expanded metal,pls state:

Product Code: for example XS-31,XS32,XS33,etc

Sheet size:standard size 4ftx8ft,5ftx10ft.

Weight: we will provide as your requested weight/pcs


XS   Expanded MetalThickness
Expanded Metal   XS-311.21.530.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-321.6230.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-321.6230.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-332.3330.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-411.6250.8x2212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-422.32.550.8x2212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-433.23.550.8x2212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-511.62.561x2512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-522.3361x2512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-533.2461x2512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-612.3376.2x3412202440
Expanded Metal   XS-623.2476.2x3412202440
Expanded Metal   XS-634.5576.2x3412202440
Expanded Metal   XS-712.33.5152.4x5012202440
Expanded Metal   XS-723.24152.4x5012202440
Expanded Metal   XS-734.55152.4x5012202440
Expanded Metal   XS-813.24203.2x7512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-824.55203.2x7512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-8366203.2x7512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-913.25304.8X11512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-924.56304.8X11512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-9367304.8X11512202440
XS Expanded Metal

Product Features

The features of XS Expanded Metal:

  1. Economical,it is lower cost than perforated and other steel gratings

  2. It is stronger, lighter in weight and more rigid than the original base metal.

  3. The mesh is formed from a single piece of metal

  4. The process is not wasteful of material

  5. Higher strength-to-weight ratio than sheet metal

Scope of application

XS Expanded Metal is quite widely used for both industry and construction,including :

  1. XS-63 Expanded metal for Walkway

  2. XS-53 Expanded Metal for Grating

  3. XS-42,XS-32 expanded metal for safety Gates

  4. XS-71 expanded metal for protection fencing

  5. XS-42,XS32 expanded metal for metal ceilings

  6. XS-52,XS32 expanded metal for architectural balustrade

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