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Perforated Filter Tube

Perforated Filter Tube can filter liquids, solids and air or sieve different materials to ensure the purity. With good acid and alkali resistance, sieving tube is a very practical product for filtering ceramic powders,soils, mineral aggregates, drug particles, etc.

Product parameters

Perforated Filter Tube are made of aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy sheet. According to opening diameter, we design the width of plate and punch holes customized by you.Then these plates are rounded in a spiral or straight strip and welded by argon arc welding. The perforated filter tube surface is processed by electrolytic polishing, galvanization, sandblasting, pickling and passivation.

Perforated Filter Tube

Product Features

Perforated Tubes are popularly used in filter products as support tubing, and sometimes it is used directly as filter tubes and cylinders for certain industries.We supply perforated tubes to support the filter media in making of various filter elements. Using of perforated metal adds more strength and pressure resistance in filter flow.

Features of Perforated Filter Tube:

  • Uniform welds and good pressure resistance.

  • Accurate roundness and straightness.

  • Smooth and flat surface.

  • High filter precision.

  • Also can cut the noise and ventilate.

  • Resist acid, alkali, low and high temperature, so has a long service life.

Scope of application

Application of Perforated Tube:

  • Filter liquids and air, such as water, oil, etc.

  • Sieve different materials and remove impurities, such as in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental protection industry.

  • As various frameworks of filter elements.

  • Weaken the noise.

  • Used for granary ventilation.

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