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Architectural Aluminum Decorative Mesh

The decorative mesh is being widely used in innovative furniture,  sculptures that complement gardens as well as home interiors, window screens that keep insects at bay, and fireplaces, and cabinetry.

Product parameters

In the past century, woven wire mesh has transformed from a basic manufacturing staple to a versatile material with endless creative applications.

There are many options for decorative metal mesh. It can be used for many years without rusting, especially if it is galvanized or "plated". Depending on the type of metal, the maintenance required to keep the mesh bright is minimal compared to other materials. In addition, decorative woven wire mesh is very flexible, usually easy to shape and cut, suitable for any purpose. Choosing the best decorative mesh for your project.

Product Features

The wire mesh screen types are arranged by material, surface treatment, and weaving method, which means that there are unlimited combinations to meet the needs of countless projects. 

Scope of application

Decorative Wire Mesh is a must in the garden. Durable decorative wire flower pots and towers can hold a variety of plants. The wire mesh privacy screen can be used as a patio partition, allowing light to enter while maintaining privacy. 

Decorative mesh enhances custom homes and commercial buildings inside and outside.

Other applications:


Partition walls

Custom lighting features

Staircases with wire mesh railings 

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