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4ftx8ft expanded metal sheet

4ftx8ft expanded metal sheet is that the Standard Expanded Metal that has been cold-rolled after expansion, to provide a smooth,flat, and level sheet. The flattening process reduces the original thickness of the base metal.

Product parameters

What is expanded metal sheet 4x8?

Made from carbon steel,the expanded metal sheet from METAL MESH CORP is slit and stretched to diamond shaped openings. Steel Expanded Metal is weight and metal saving, with light, liquid, sound and air passing through freely, the product also provides perfect decorative effect to house, building or window.

The standard size is 4ftx8ft, for the coating expanded metal can be galvanized, anodized, powder coated, painted or plated for various applications. If you need non-standard sheets and special material, please contact us and provide the detailed information below.

How to order 4ftx8ft expanded metal sheet?

When ordering or specifying Expanded Metal, please confirm:

• The Style

• Flattened or Raised

• Material

• Sheet Size

Example:  Expanded Metal 3/4" # 9 Flattened, carbon steel, standard 4ft x 8ft sheet.

Expanded Metal Sheet 4x8

Flattened   Expanded Metal
Flattened Expanded Metal StyleWeight in
Standard Size
    in feet
SWDLWDSize of Strands 

   in inches

Flattened Expanded 1/4" #20834X80.2551.0300.0860.03
Flattened Expanded 1/4" #181114X80.2551.0300.0860.04
Flattened Expanded 1/2" #20404X80.5001.2600.070.029
Flattened Expanded 1/2" #18664X8,4X10,5X100.5001.2600.1090.039
Flattened Expanded 1/2" #16824X8,4X10,5X100.5001.2600.1030.05
Flattened Expanded 1/2" #131404X8,4X10,5X100.5001.2600.1220.07
Flattened Expanded 3/4" #16514X8,4X10,5X100.9232.1000.1150.048
Flattened Expanded 3/4" #14634X8,4X10,5X100.9232.1000.1190.061
Flattened Expanded 3/4" #13754X8,4X10,5X100.9232.1000.1190.07
Flattened Expanded 3/4" #101144X80.9232.1000.160.07
Flattened Expanded 3/4" #91714X8,4X10,5X100.9232.1000.1640.12
Flattened Expanded 1"   #10 1654X81.0902.5600.160.11
Flattened Expanded 1 1/2"  #16384X81.3303.2000.1230.048
Flattened Expanded 1 1/2"  #14464X8,4X10,5X101.3303.2000.1380.06
Flattened Expanded 1 1/2"  #13 574X8,4X10,5X101.3303.2000.1380.07
Flattened Expanded 1 1/2"   #12664X81.3303.2000.1160.085
Flattened Expanded 1 1/2"   #101654X81.3303.2000.1880.11
Flattened Expanded 1 1/2 “ #91114X8,4X10,5X101.3303.2000.1750.11

Product Features

Features of expanded metal sheet 4x8:

  • Smooth surface. It supplies a safe and smooth surface, which will not hurt people.

  • Corrosion and rust resistance. Various surface treatment and aluminum, stainless steel materials have outstanding chemical stability.

  • Lightweight. The aluminum expanded metal sheet is lightweight and it can save materials and freight costs.

  • Easy to install and uninstall. The installation of flattened expanded metal sheet is easy and no need any special tools.

  • Wide range of applications. The flattened expanded metal sheets are widely seen in our daily life, such as shelves, wastebaskets, furniture, etc.

  • Machinability. With proper equipment, the product is easy to be weld, cut, and formed.

Scope of application

Expanded Metal Sheet 4x8 is used in a variety of specialty applications, such as lawn furniture,book and storage shelves, lamps and lamp shades, fireplace screens, many types of grilles, occasional tables, folding screens, room dividers, and air filtration filters.

  •  Air and Fluid Filters

  •  EMI/RFI Shielding

  •  Battery Cells

  •  Ventilation Systems

  •  Strainers

  •  Satellite and Radar Antennas

  •  Partitions

  •  Outdoor Furniture

  •  Speaker Grills

  •   Security Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Doors

  •  Machine and Window Guards

  •  Fencing

  •  Shelving and Racks

  •  Concrete Reinforcements

  •  Walkways and Stair Treads

  •  Containers

  •  Greenhouse Benches

  •  Decorative Dividers

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