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Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh Cladding

Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh is uniformly punched or stretched to form openings of diamond or rhombic shape.Because of it features,aluminum expanded metal mesh cladding is used popular around the world.

Product parameters

When ordering aluminum expanded metal,pls provide below details:

  1. Material:aluminum

  2. Thickness :3mm

  3. Strand width:10mm

  4. LWDXSWD:80X40mm

  5. Sheet size:1.22MX2.44m

  6. Framed or not

  7. Surface finish:PVDF Coated,powder coated,or anodized

You can refer to below technique drawings for offering above information:

Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh Cladding

Framed Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh Cladding for different designs of installation:

Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh Cladding

Various surface finish are available for aluminum expanded metal mesh cladding :

  • PVDF coated,

  • Powder Coated

  • Anodizing

  • Welded Framed

Product Features

When the colorful Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh is used for architectural cladding decoration for outdoor curtain wall, due to the unique sturdiness of its metal material, it can easily resist the adverse weather factors such as storms, and is easy to maintain. From the perspective of viewing, the metal mesh With the characteristics of silk, it gives people a visual enjoyment. When used as an indoor roof or partition wall, its unique permeability and luster give more space for aesthetic pleasure.

Features of Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh Cladding:

  • no rust,

  • beautiful color & appearance, 

  • sturdy and durable, 

  • high quality and high grade.

  • Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh has light weight for easy transportation.

  • Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh is not easily bent, and suitable for security mesh applications.

  • Decorative properties for ceiling or room dividers.

  • Good corrosion resistance for long service life.

Scope of application

The aluminum expanded mesh openings formed in fabricating process allow air, sound, light and heat to pass through. The decorative patterns are mainly used for aesthetic purposes such as ceiling, stadium partitions and shelves. 

General application of Aluminum expanded metal:

  • External wall cladding

  • Sunshade screens.

  • Building cladding panels.

  • Balcony&Balustrade

  • Building curtain wall Mesh

  • Bird screens.

  • Partitions / enclosures

  • Ventilation parts for air conditioners.

  • Louvers.

  • Metal cabinet shelves.

  • Amusement equipment.

  • Security mesh of doors and windows.

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