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Chemical Etching Perforated Sheet

We developed an advanced production line - etching perforated metal , which creates chemically micronic flow channels on the surface of metal panel, to enable precision rate ranging from 30 μm to 100 μm absolutely.Minist hole can be 0.05mm hole dia.

Product parameters

This etched plates can be used as fiber filter, textile filter and other filters in food and beverage industrial such as a coffee filter to ensure its mellow smooth taste. The small hole also makes the plate prevent unwanted things out, such as insects, even dust.

Chemical Etching Perforated Sheet

Perforated Metal MeshPerforated Metal Mesh

Perforated Metal Mesh

Specifications for perforated metal mesh:


Stainless steel and colled rolled steel 






max 500x500mm

Hole shape

Rectangular,   square, Diamond , round,Triangular,Louver, irregular hole

Hole arrangement  

90°staggered,45°staggered,   60°staggered , 90°straight

Surface treatment

polished or mill finish


Light weight,durable application,good sound absorption,various hole design


 petroleum, chemical,food,pharmaceutical filtration,filter board,filter tube,electronic, optical, spring and mobile phone parts etc.

Product Features

Chemical Etching Perforated Sheet Features:

  • Super fine holes for high precision filtration.

  • No welding, no burs, no broken points and no plugging holes ensure the most reliable filtration.

  • Available in thousands of different plate shapes and hole patterns.

  • No need open tooling or moulding for low cost.

  • High tolerance ± 0.01 mm.

Welcome to email us your enquiry on Etching perforated metal, referring to below detail specifications:

MaterialAlum sheet, alum ally sheet, carbon steel,galvanized steel, stainless steel,
Hole size x pitchCustomized as request
Sheet sizeMax width 1800mm, Max length 4000mm

Scope of application

We carry Chemical Etching Perforated Sheet in a wide array of hole shapes, sizes, gauges, and material types. This makes perforated metal ideal for many applications ranging from metal screens to metal signage. The most common applications for perforated metal include:

  • earphone speaker

  • petroleum, 

  • chemical,

  • pharmaceutical filtration,

  • filter board,

  • filter tube,

  • electronic, 

  • spring and mobile phone parts

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