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Which Aspects Should be Considered When Choosing Metal Wire?

Aug. 20, 2020

How to choose metal wire? Many people don't know, in fact, there must be a certain way to choose metal decorative design products. In fact, how to choose, as an Architectural Wire Mesh Factory, share with you, I firmly believe that everyone will know how to choose.

Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded Metal Mesh

1. Selection of raw materials

It is very important to choose a woven wire mesh belt. Generally, it is best to choose a 304 stainless steel plate. It is not easy to rust. It is generally longer between applications.

2. Selection of applicable scope

In the selection of woven wire mesh belt, it is necessary to clarify the key purpose of architectural decoration. It is very critical. Because the key purpose of different buildings is completely different, some buildings are overly complex, and only the main body and foundation cannot be retractable. The selection of materials must be accurate to be able to expand the application.

3. Selection of way design plan

When selecting a cable metal wire woven mesh belt, the design style design plan is still more important. The design style design plan, in addition to the appearance, the design style will suffer certain damage, and the style design plan must be selected according to the actual application standard.

4. Price selection

You must also take into consideration the price. The price of wire mesh products with different manufacturers and different raw materials is still very different. We do not randomly buy a high price. Generally, the price of excellent performance at the middle level is more expensive.

5. Quality selection

When we select metal wire mesh products, we must also consider the quality of the metal wire mesh products. Generally speaking, it is best to choose a stronger, stronger quality and not easy to skew in time, so that the material and later applications The metal wire mesh products will be longer.

6. Comprehensive selection

In the end, when choosing a metal wire woven mesh belt, you must also comprehensively consider the price, quality, characteristics, and use of the metal wire mesh belt. Before everyone considers it comprehensively, choose the more necessary ones.

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