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What are the Advantages of Using Aluminum Expanded Mesh?

Aug. 26, 2020

As a Decorative Perforated Sheet Supplier, share with you. Aluminum mesh is also called stretch mesh. It is made by cutting and expanding the original aluminum sheet with the latest technology. Its mesh body is lighter and has strong bearing capacity.

Aluminum Expanded Mesh

Aluminum Expanded Mesh

Color: blue, green, yellow, pink, white, etc., can be customized according to needs

Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing, spraying, dipping, fluorocarbon spraying, etc.

Hole type: The most common aluminum mesh is a diamond-shaped hole, and other hole types include hexagonal, round, triangular, and scale holes.

aluminum mesh features:

has the characteristics of no rust, beautiful color, gorgeous color, beautiful appearance, sturdiness and durability, high quality and high grade. When the color aluminum mesh is used in architectural decoration for outdoor curtain walls, due to its unique solidity of metal materials, it can easily resist the invasion of unfavorable weather factors such as storms, and is easy to maintain. From a purely viewing perspective, metal mesh It has the characteristics of silk fabrics and gives people a visual enjoyment. When used as an indoor roof or partition wall, the unique permeability and gloss of its material give the space more aesthetic pleasure.

As people's aesthetics for decoration is getting higher and higher, the aluminum mesh has become more and more prominent in the characteristics of the province. The color and hole pattern are easy to customize, not easy to rust, the material is light and thin, and the construction is convenient.

Wall decoration net is also called metal decoration net, decorative metal net. It is made of stainless steel wire, carbon steel wire, etc. It has the effect of decoration, shading and energy saving on the exterior of the building. The curtain wall decoration net is woven with high-quality 304 or 316 stainless steel wire. The diameter wire is stainless steel wire rope. 2-4 pieces are a group, one set at a certain interval. The interval and the thickness of the rope can be customized according to customer requirements. Weft wire It is a single stainless steel rod and one at a certain interval. This interval is determined by the customer. The length direction is not limited. It is the original material for the modern construction of metal decorative nets.

curtain wall decoration mesh includes: metal mesh curtain, metal hanging curtain, metal window cloth, copper curtain, hanging curtain, spiral metal mesh curtain, decorative metal mesh curtain, curtain wall metal mesh curtain, suspended ceiling, ceiling metal mesh curtain. With the advancement of construction and decoration skills, the continuous appearance of construction materials has attracted widespread attention from the industry, and the products have gradually become sophisticated, used in iconic construction and decoration projects, and gradually entered the international market.

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