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How to Cut the Stainless Steel Punching Plate?

Apr. 10, 2021

As a Decorative Perforated Sheet Supplier, share with you. Stainless steel punching plate punching too dense or too wide is the most important reason that affects the appearance, and the second is the color. Different colors are used in different occasions, so the color is also the cause of the poor appearance.

Round Hole Perforated Aluminum Sheet

Round Hole Perforated Aluminum Sheet

The punching shape of the stainless steel punching plate is an important parameter that determines the appearance of the product. Generally speaking, the punching of the steel plate punching aluminum veneer can be designed into a circle, a square, a plum blossom, etc. according to actual needs. Shape, the larger the mesh, the lighter the weight of the aluminum veneer, but the weaker the pressure and tensile strength, which affects the application of steel punched aluminum veneer. Therefore, the customer must design the mesh size according to the actual requirements of the project.

In the case of pure shear deformation, the shear yield stress of stainless steel punched plates is about half of the tensile yield stress. Based on this, it can be inferred that the shear strength is also half of the tensile strength. However, the deformation zone of the material is large during the shearing process, which is mixed with compression and stretching components, combined with the friction between the mold surface and the material, so the shear strength is greater than the above value. In practical applications, the empirical value of the shear strength of the punched plate is generally 0.8 times the tensile strength; but the harder and brittle material, the greater the shear force appears, and the deformation is more close to the pure shear state. The relative value of the tensile strength can be lower. In practice, it is the most important parameter to determine the tonnage of the punching plate press, and this value is called the shear strength.

In the process of cutting the stainless steel punching plate, it is not just that it can be done by simply taking scissors or laser cutting. It also involves a lot of shear strength and tensile strength, and these strengths are reflected from different levels. The actual punching effect of the sieve plate. In order to better ensure the punching effect of the stainless steel sieve plate, we can experience more of the sieve plate processing effect under the pure shear condition.

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