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From the following aspects, analyze the reason for Filter Mesh rust.

Jan. 04, 2020

On the use environment

The use of stainless steel mesh in gardens and parks can be processed into garden fences, fences, etc. These stainless steel meshes will also rust when exposed to wind and sun, and stainless steel mesh can also be used for screening under acid and alkali conditions Sorting and filtering.

Used in the petroleum industry for mud nets, chemical and chemical fiber industries as sieve filters, electroplating industry as pickling nets, these stainless steel nets have been used for a long time and the surface of Filter Mesh has been damaged and placed in dark and humid places for a long time. Affects the surface of the stainless steel mesh, and then reduces the service life of the stainless steel mesh.

Filter Mesh

Filter Mesh

On the material

Stainless steel wire contains nickel, chromium, carbon, etc. Chromium plays a major role in the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. When nickel is used with chromium, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel mesh is better. Scale, generally large-scale manufacturers, the price of stainless steel mesh is more reasonable, there are many specifications of stainless steel mesh, you can choose a suitable stainless steel mesh.

The material of stainless steel mesh 301, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, and 321 are successively improved, 32l stainless steel wire is good, high corrosion resistance, low rust rate, and practicality are particularly good.

On transportation

Stainless steel mesh needs to be packed and secured with flat hard materials. It must be stored on the ground flat, stacked according to requirements, and the height should not exceed 2m. The stainless steel mesh must not be stressed and dropped during transportation, and direct exposure should be avoided; stainless steel The transport, storage and use of the binder of the crimped wire shall adopt fire prevention measures in accordance with relevant regulations.

As an Architectural Perforated Mesh Supplier, let me share with you what solutions are available.

Protective layer method.

Cover the metal surface with a protective layer to isolate the metal products from the surrounding corrosive medium to prevent corrosion. For example 1. Apply oil, petroleum jelly, paint or cover non-corrosive non-metal materials such as enamel and plastic on the surface of steel products. 2. Electroplating, hot plating, plastic spraying, plastic coating and other methods, plating the surface of steel with a layer of metal that is not easily corroded, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc.

These metals often form a dense oxide film due to oxidation, which prevents water and air from corroding steel. 3. A fine and stable oxide film is formed on the surface of the steel by chemical methods. For example, a thin black iron oxide film is formed on the surface of steel parts such as machine parts and guns. Our company also has Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh on sale, welcome to consult.

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