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Application of Architectural Perforated Mesh in the construction industry

Dec. 27, 2019

The construction network is widely used and has been widely used in the field of architecture. In addition to the construction of reinforced concrete prefabricated components, Architectural Perforated Mesh is more suitable for cast-in-situ concrete structural members. For example, it is used in transportation, construction, agriculture, etc. Application of network construction in traffic work: soft foundation part of highway concrete pavement, concrete pavement, bridge deck pavement, rough protection of pier, concrete the surface of toll plaza, railway route, station plaza and goods mixed ground, airport runway, goods yard, Square concrete surface, tunnel lining, dock, port, etc.

Architectural Perforated Mesh

Architectural Perforated Mesh

Application of hydropower and coal industry: water conservancy methods, power dam foundations, protective nets, etc .; others: flood control methods, slope reinforcement, depression protection, feed industry, animal husbandry, etc. In shotcrete, it should be based on shotcrete, which can advance the shear and bending strength of shotcrete, improve the scouring and cutting ability of concrete, resist the bending ability, advance the integrity of concrete, reduce the shortening of concrete, and prevent local Blocks to fall.

It is suitable for construction work: multi-layer, high-rise industrial and civil buildings (foundation, floor, floor, eaves, wall, brick strip, etc.) can also, be used for heating laying of ground heating networks. Applicable to municipal support: overhead cross-bridge pavement, square concrete pavement, concrete pipes, guardrails, slope protection, etc.

There is a horizontal channel of the box below the concrete surface and the distance between the top surface and the bottom is less than 400mm or embedded in the base. On the top of the valve body and both ends, the concrete surface should be equipped with Perforated Metal Sheet For Concrete Formwork, while the top and bottom surfaces of the base welded mesh are 1/4/3/3 thick.

The architectural perforated mesh should adopt different diameters for longitudinal and transverse reinforcement. The thickness of the protective layer of the reinforcing steel should not be less than 50mm. Reinforced concrete pavement. It can be performed according to the connection of the welded mesh of reinforced concrete pavement. When the expansion joint of the concrete pavement and the heel of the fixed body cannot be set, it can be adjacent to the valve body. When the concrete pavement is connected to the bridgehead, when there is a ride at the bridgehead, a reinforced concrete slab should be set between the panel and the concrete panel, with a length of 6 10mm.

The energy-saving direction of building mesh products:

China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry must vigorously improve the level of skills, equipment, products and services, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, and break key core skills and common skills. No one cares about the quality of building a network. In order to reduce costs, developers continue to reduce the acquisition costs of building online movies, resulting in a decline in the quality and profit of the building network industry. We are Expanded Wire Mesh Manufacturers, welcome to consult.

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