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What are the Advantages of Aluminum Expanded Mesh Over Traditional Decorative Materials?

Mar. 17, 2021

As an Expanded Metal Mesh Factory, share it with you.

There are many kinds of building decoration materials. From the perspective of the development process, they can be divided into two types, traditional decoration materials and modern decoration materials. Aluminum veneer is one of the modern decoration materials, which is widely used due to the excellent performance of aluminum veneer. Used, aluminum mesh is a member of the modern new type of decorative materials, with better performance and higher usage rate. Since the aluminum mesh was produced, traditional decorative materials have been hit hard. Compared with traditional decorative materials, what are the advantages of aluminum mesh?

Aluminum Expanded Mesh

Aluminum Expanded Mesh

First, it is more decorative. Compared with the traditional ordinary wood board ceiling, the aluminum mesh has various forms and novel colors. It can be matched with different rooms to create different decorative effects. Guangdong Oupin Aluminum Aluminum Veneer is a well-known first-line brand in the country, a super enterprise in the aluminum veneer industry, and one of the top 30 aluminum veneer enterprises in the country. It has continuously won breakthroughs in its development. It is a major airport, high-speed rail, subway, large shopping mall, and hospital. , Gymnasiums, luxury villas and other designated suppliers of aluminum veneer.

Second, sound insulation is strong. Another feature of aluminum mesh is that it has relatively strong sound absorption, and the noise during the use of the ceiling is relatively large. Therefore, the sound absorption effect is also an important factor for decoration consideration, especially for the living environment. The attractive effect is very important. The noisy environment not only affects the quality of sleep and time A long time is also harmful to the human neural network, so the use of aluminum mesh with better attracting effect is also for a better quality of life.

Third, waterproof, moisture-proof and fire-proof. The ceiling is a relatively humid environment in the home environment. The waterproof and moisture-proof aluminum mesh is an inevitable choice for people, especially in the southern weather. Humidity is normal. Sometimes the sun cannot be seen for more than a month, and the indoor ceiling is covered with water. Beads, in this case, if it is a traditional decorative material, the service life and decorative effect of the decoration will be affected by moisture, and the paint will be peeled off. However, the use of aluminum mesh can well cope with this phenomenon, because The fluorocarbon paint used in the aluminum mesh is processed by precise technology, which can keep the paint and color in a complex environment. On the other hand, fire and flame retardant are essential. The non-combustible material of aluminum mesh is excellent for fire prevention, which cannot be achieved by traditional wooden materials.

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