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Taiwan JIS G3351 Expanded Metal

Taiwan Jis G3351 Expanded Metal including XS-expanded metal.XG expanded metal,G style expanded metal and S style expanded metal.

Product parameters

Parameters for Taiwan Standard JIS expanded metal:

XS/XG   Expanded MetalThicknessStrandLWDXSWDLWMSWM
Expanded Metal   XS-311.21.530.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-321.6230.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-321.6230.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-332.3330.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-411.6250.8x2212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-422.32.550.8x2212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-433.23.550.8x2212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-511.62.561x2512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-522.3361x2512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-533.2461x2512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-612.3376.2x3412202440
Expanded Metal   XS-623.2476.2x3412202440
Expanded Metal   XS-634.5576.2x3412202440
Expanded Metal   XS-712.33.5152.4x5012202440
Expanded Metal   XS-723.24152.4x5012202440
Expanded Metal   XS-734.55152.4x5012202440
Expanded Metal   XS-813.24203.2x7512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-824.55203.2x7512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-8366203.2x7512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-913.25304.8X11512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-924.56304.8X11512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-9367304.8X11512202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-11 4.57135.4x3412202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-12 67135.4x3412202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-13 69135.4x3412202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-14 89135.4x3412202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-21 4.57101.6x3612202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-22 67101.6x3612202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-23 69101.6x3612202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-24 89101.6x3612202440

When you order Japan Standard JIS expanded metal,pls state:

Japan Standard JIS Expanded Metal

Product Features

Features and benefits of Taiwan Standard JIS Expanded Metal :

The mesh is formed from a single piece of metal

The process is not wasteful of material

Higher strength-to-weight ratio than sheet metal

Anti-slip surface

Excludes and retains simultaneously

Premium reinforcement properties

Practical and effective screening

Super corrosion resistance

Scope of application

Applications for Taiwan Standard JIS Expanded Metal :

Walkway、Stairtread、Platform in factory. Drain Grating、safety guards、 security installations、decorative racks、suspended ceiling、pedestrian barrier、grilles、balustrades…etc

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