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Hongkong Expanded Metal Lath

Expanded Metal lath is manufactured by slitting and stretching the strands on steel plate at right angles to the plane to form a network of diamond shaped holes or known technically "knuckles"  without any welding in accordance to  BS 405: 1987.

Product parameters

Parameters for Hongkong Hot dipped galvanized expanded metal lath:

XS/XG   Expanded MetalThicknessStrandLWDXSWDLWMSWM
Expanded Metal   XS-311.21.530.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-321.6230.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-321.6230.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-332.3330.5x1212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-411.6250.8x2212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-422.32.550.8x2212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-433.23.550.8x2212202440
Expanded Metal   XS-511.62.561x2512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-522.3361x2512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-533.2461x2512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-612.3376.2x3412202440
Expanded Metal   XS-623.2476.2x3412202440
Expanded Metal   XS-634.5576.2x3412202440
Expanded Metal   XS-712.33.5152.4x5012202440
Expanded Metal   XS-723.24152.4x5012202440
Expanded Metal   XS-734.55152.4x5012202440
Expanded Metal   XS-813.24203.2x7512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-824.55203.2x7512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-8366203.2x7512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-913.25304.8X11512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-924.56304.8X11512202440
Expanded Metal   XS-9367304.8X11512202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-11 4.57135.4x3412202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-12 67135.4x3412202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-13 69135.4x3412202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-14 89135.4x3412202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-21 4.57101.6x3612202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-22 67101.6x3612202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-23 69101.6x3612202440
Expanded   Metal  XG-24 89101.6x3612202440

When you order Hongkong expanded metal lath,pls state:

Japan Standard JIS Expanded Metal

Product Features

Hongkong Expanded Metal Features:

Ventilate, easy to construction and economical.

Light-weighted and sturdy.

Rhombic or tortoise-shaped mesh, tidy, not stretchy, endurable.

Artistic, fit to decorate.

Scope of application

Uses of Hongkong Expanded Metal Lath:

Expanded metal lath can be functionally or decoratively in applications, including walkway, stair treads,platform in workshop,screening, safety guard wall of machinery, cable shelves,basket enclosure,protection walls,security fence, decorative racks, suspended ceiling, pedestrian barrier, grilles, balustrades, fencing, greenwall, facade, etc.

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