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G Expanded Metal

Thailand G Style Expanded Metal comes in two common types: raised and flattened. Raised sheets have wavy ridges throughout, whereas 

flattened sheet are truly flat.  

Product parameters

How to Order Thailand G Expanded Metal ?.

When ordering or specifying Expanded Metal, please confirm:

• The Style

• Flattened or Raised

• Material

• Sheet Size

Example:  Expanded Metal G-5 Flattened,carbon steel, standard 4' x 8' sheet.

G   Expanded MetalThickness
Expanded Metal   G-13.27122X2312202440
Expanded Metal   G-24.57122X2312202440
Expanded Metal   G-51.61.644X912202440
Expanded Metal   G-101.6550X1512202440

G Expanded Metal

Product Features

Features of G Expanded Metal:

  1. Economical

  2. Light weight and easy installation

  3. No material waste

  4. Sizes and hole can be custom-made

  5. High safety protection

Scope of application

G expanded metal has widely application as below:

  1. Ventilation Systems

  2. Strainers

  3. Satellite and Radar Antennas

  4. Partitions

  5. Outdoor Furniture

  6. Speaker Grills

  7. Security Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Doors

  8. Machine and Window Guards

  9. Decoration work

  10. balcony railings

  11. fall guardrail

  12. card guard

  13. machinery

  14. animal cages

  15. barrier panels

  16. anti-theft windows

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