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S Expanded Metal

We have all molds of Thailand S expanded metal,the gothic mesh hole pattern looks nice and is a good choice for decoration and architecture.The surface finish including powder coated and galvanized,standard sizes 4ftx8ft.

Product parameters

How to Order S Expanded Metal ?.

When ordering or specifying Expanded Metal, please confirm:

• The Style

• Flattened or Raised

• Material

• Sheet Size

Example:  Expanded Metal S-18 Flattened,carbon steel, standard 4' x 8' sheet.

S   Expanded MetalThickness
Expanded Metal   S-44.56101.6x4012202440
Expanded Metal   S-62.3340.7x2412202440
Expanded Metal   S-142.33.5176x6712202440
Expanded Metal   S-182.33151x3012202440
Expanded Metal   S-252.3464x2012202440
Expanded Metal   S-304.5652x2212202440
Expanded Metal   S-313.2464x4212202440
Expanded Metal   S-353.24100x2512202440
Expanded Metal   S-373.26133x4012202440
Expanded Metal   S-402.33100x3312202440
S Expanded Metal

Product Features

Features of S expanded metal

Smooth surface. It supplies a safe and smooth surface, which will not hurt people.

Corrosion and rust resistance. Various surface treatment and aluminum, stainless steel materials have outstanding chemical stability.

Lightweight. The Sexpanded metal sheet is lightweight and it can save materials and freight costs.

Easy to install and uninstall. The installation of S expanded metal sheet is easy and no need any special tools.

Scope of application

Application of S expanded metal:

Architectural applications include ceiling panels, fencing, partitions, speaker grilles and store displays. 

Some decorative applications include interior and exterior design facades, screening, sunshades, building cladding and ceiling and wall lighting. 

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