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Expanded Metal Catwalks & stairs

Expanded Metal Catwalks & stairs is fabricated from low carbon steel plates and is ideal for use wherever a strong, durable, lightweight,non slip surface is needed platform flooring or stairs and walkways,etc.

Product parameters

When ordering Expanded Metal Catwalks & stairs, please state:

  1. Reference number of mesh,Such as 3lb,4.27lb,

  2. Raw material

  3. Quantity of sheets required

  4. Sheet size (LW dimension first – the diagrams below illustrate this point)

  5. Any special finish required

Expanded Metal Grating

ItemHole size
AISN Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating
Stainless   Steel 304 Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating
Aluminum   5052 Expanded Grating
AISN Expanded Grating

Product Features

Expanded Grating or Expanded Catwalk Stairs is an economical solution for ramps, flooring, catwalks, platforms, walkways, treads or other types of lightweight structural applications. 

  1. Expanded Metal Grating has more advantages than steel grating bar,it is made of continuous piece of steel and has stronger yielding strength.

  2. There is no welding through whole panel and the surface is naturally non slip for safety .

  3. The various openings and hole pattern can provide wide range of load capacity to meet different request for your project.

  4. Expanded Metal Grating is most econocial grating to assure strength,safety with a non-skid surface.

  5. Expanded Metal Grating is easy for cutting into various sizes and can be installed quickly by welding or bolts.

Scope of application

Expanded Catwalk Stairs Grating is usually used for rugged industrial and commercial applications.

  1. Catwalk Grating for Billboard

  2. walkways gratings

  3. Sidewalk

  4. Louvers and security fencing

  5. Ramps,Trailers for truck

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