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Considerations When Choosing the Perforated Metal Mesh

Perforated mesh is a useful material made from punching thousands of small holes into metal sheets. It is stamped, fabricated, or punched to create a pattern of holes, slots, and various aesthetic shapes. From building construction and design to filtration units for pharmaceutical production, perforated mesh are widely used in all aspects of our lives. 

When selecting the appropriate perforated mesh, you have to consider the following features.

Perforated Metal Mesh Hole Types

Round Holes

Round Hole Perforated Aluminum Sheet

Round Hole Perforated Aluminum Sheet

A round hole is the easiest and most economical shape to incorporate into perforated sheet metal, as the relative simplicity of machining a round piece results in low manufacturing costs. Round hole patterns are used in a variety of applications, including air-conditioning and heating systems and decorative finishes for architectural installations.

Square Holes

Square Hole Perforated Metal Mesh

Square Hole Perforated Metal Mesh

If you want to breathe fresh air or want a clear view, Square holes provide a significant amount of open area while also offering a strong barrier that can be used to resist impact loads, prevent contact with equipment, or prevent entry of trespassers into protected areas . The creation of square hole patterns has increased costs over the production of round holes.

Slot Holes

Slotted Hole Perforated Metal Sheet

Slotted Hole Perforated Metal Sheet

Slot holes have long rectangles with square or half-circle ends. Slot holes have long rectangles with square or half-circle ends. Slot holes have long rectangles with square or half-circle ends. The holes for the slotting pattern are punched out with a slotting die. Perforated metal with a slotted pattern has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, allowing air, light, sound, and liquid to pass through. The width and length of the mold holes can be different. These are common shapes in manufacturing because they are suitable for screening and sorting materials, especially elongated items such as seeds and grains.

Decorative Perforations

Cross hole perforated metal sheet

Cross hole perforated metal sheet

They come in a variety of shapes and designs and are custom designed to fit the specifications of the architectural plan. Decorative patterns are created by changing the shape of the pattern mold, which provides the ability to enhance the appearance of perforated metal and adapt it to any application.

These unique patterns include moire, Grecian and cloverleaf. Decorative perforated metals are used for architectural accents to provide an aesthetic appeal.

Metal Material of Perforated Mesh

Galvanized Steel

The manufacture of galvanized steel involves hot dipping the steel in a galvanizing solution that coats the metal and protects it from wear, corrosion, and provides long-term surface protection. The galvanizing process adds service life, durability and excellent performance to the steel. The strength, durability and toughness of galvanized steel make it very suitable for the production of perforated panels.


Copper is resistant to temperature changes and rust, so it can be used on the exterior of buildings and as a means of protection. In addition, because copper is an excellent heat conductor, it is very suitable for perforated metal in heating systems.

Stainless Steel

Many qualities of stainless steel include superior strength but light weight, as well as corrosion, rust and bacteria resistance. Stainless steel perforated metal is used in all industries from medical and chemical uses to automobile manufacturing and mining.


The weight of aluminum is one-third that of steel, but its physical, chemical and mechanical qualifications are no less than that of metals such as steel and copper. Aluminum's light weight, ductility, ability to withstand low temperature conditions, and corrosion resistance make it an ideal choice for perforated metal processing.

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