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Which One Should I Choose For Razor Wire or Barbed Wire?

Jul. 31, 2021

Razor wire and barbed wire are two common security elements around the world to protect borders from people or animals crossing the border. Barbed wire and razor wire serve the same purpose, but they have some different functions. They all have some positive and negative ways to fight each other, this is a common comparison that users want to know. As Expanded Wire Mesh Manufacturers, we will provide you with useful information about them. What is barbed wire and where is it used? What is the barbed wire and installation area? Which one is more suitable? When you read this article, you will get valuable information about these issues.

Expanded Wire Mesh Manufacturers

Expanded Wire Mesh Manufacturers

When we compare the frequency of use, the barbed wire is the winner so far. The main reasons for winning are:

Barbed wire is cheaper than razors, if security issues are not so important, because only impressive border thorns are practical.

Compared with the razor, the deterrent power of barbed wire is lower. Therefore, this will make the razor line more suitable for places or facilities with high safety and no intrusion requirements.

The difference between barbed wire and razor wire

We can divide the differences into two groups; purpose and cost. From these perspectives, the razor and the barbed have their own advantages. The following are the main differences:

The edge of the razor line is very sharp, just in case it might pass, the razor-like edge can tear and hook the clothes and meat of the intruder. Therefore, it is difficult for a person to pass the shaver without the help of other people or special tools.

The barbed wire will not cut the meat, it will only scratch on it. So the intruder can easily pass this, although it is very low, the barb has a deterrent effect.

The razor wire is more durable than the barbed wire. Weather conditions and some other external influences will not easily damage or wear the shaver. Barbs are also very durable, but not as good as az razors.

The appearance of the razor is more terrifying than barbed wire, which increases the deterrent effect.

The sharp barb is not easy to bend, and with professional assistance, it is more difficult to install the razor wire. Barbed wire is much easier, because only fences, wire and staples are enough to build.

The maintenance of the barbed wire is easier because if it is set up correctly, the fence will not wear out easily. However, the razor is more stressed and difficult to fix and maintain.

Because the razor is more professional and the materials used are of higher quality, it costs more than wire mesh.

These are the main differences between them.

Use place

Since both the razor wire and the barbed wire emphasize the boundary and the purpose is safety, they have many uses. From a very important country border to a small farm to indicate lines, we use wires for many reasons. The main uses are:

The boundaries between counties,

Military zone,



Field (plantation),

Residential area (single-family house or collective house)

Areas containing chemical, radioactive or other types of hazardous materials.

Where to use the razor wire

As we mentioned, the razor line is the right choice for high-security places. National borders and military zones are ideal for razors. Whether it is to prevent unauthorized entry or to deter, the razor line is effective.

On the other hand, it is also possible and effective for individuals to use it in a house or manor. There may be some restrictions in some countries or regions, but most countries do not prohibit its use. To

Where to use barbed wire

On the other hand, barbed wire fences are ideal for schools, manors, fields and residential areas. The most famous use of barbed wire is around plantations or fields to prevent livestock from entering. Barbed wire is cheaper and less harmful to intruders. If needed, the boundaries of schools or collective housing are cheap and ideally surrounded by barbed wire.

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