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What are the uses of Perforated Metal Mesh?

Oct. 16, 2019

  In everyone's life, it is often seen that there are many new buildings under construction, and Perforated Metal Mesh is installed around the outer walls of the building. It can be said that this kind of thing has become a must in modern construction. Prepared tools. Then in everyone's life, you can often see that there are many new buildings under construction, and a perforated metal plate safety net is installed around the outer wall of the building. It can be said that this kind of thing has become a modern building construction. A must-have tool. So what is the use of the perforated sheet metal safety net? Why is it so widely used in construction projects? As an Architectural Perforated Mesh Supplier, let's take a closer look at the specific uses of this ubiquitous building tool:

rchitectural Perforated Mesh

Architectural Perforated Mesh

  First, climbing

  Although China has a vast territory, the population is mainly concentrated in the eastern region, while the eastern region is relatively limited in terms of land resources. With such a large population, housing demand has become a big problem, so our buildings (excluding rural areas) There are very few two or three such low-rise buildings, usually ten to tens of stories, which increases the difficulty of the project, especially in the painting and decoration of the upper walls and the transportation of materials. It is very inconvenient, and one of the uses of the perforated metal plate safety net is the climbing effect. No matter how tall the building is, it can be constructed without any worry, which is also the most important use of the climbing net. It is precisely because of the strong climbing effect of the climbing net that China can build high-rise buildings that are everywhere.

  Second, the role of security

  At present, the buildings in China are basically high-rise buildings, so the safety of construction is a big problem. Construction workers are working on high-rise buildings, and there is no certain security. The slightest inadvertent consequences are unimaginable. In today's society, even workers are not risking their lives to work and earn money. Only when construction has certain security guarantees will workers be willing to work on high-rise buildings.

  Another major role of the climbing net is to ensure the safety of workers' construction. The climbing net is a frame structure with a mesh mechanism in the middle. It is generally installed from the second floor, and then a layer of climbing nets is installed every two floors, which ensures the safety of workers. Even if the worker accidentally falls during the construction process, the climbing net can play a good blocking role, so the safety of the workers is greatly guaranteed.

  In the construction of high-rise buildings, it is indispensable to climb the net, which provides a basic guarantee for the construction of high-rise buildings. The use of perforated metal sheet safety net is mainly in the two aspects mentioned above. The combination of climbing effect and safety function makes the construction of high-rise buildings as simple as the construction of flat land. The population base of China is large, and the demand for housing is still in short supply. Therefore, the city will continue to build real estate, and the climbing network will continue to play its powerful role for a long time to come. Our company Galvanized Perforated Metal Mesh is available for sale. Welcome to consult.

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