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What Exactly is Perforated Metal Mesh used for?

May. 11, 2020

Aluminum plate punching plate is punched out of various holes with aluminum plate or aluminum alloy plate, which is called aluminum plate punching plate, so what is the use of aluminum plate punching plate?

Perforated Metal Mesh can be widely used in sound insulation, decoration, curtain wall, etc. It is the most common for exterior wall decoration of building. The aluminum plate punching plate of curtain wall has unique texture, rich and durable color, and the appearance shape can be diversified. The curtain wall is materially combined. Its appearance and excellent quality make it popular with the owners. Its light weight is only one-fifth of that of marble and one-third of that of glass curtain walls. , The price-performance ratio is high. As far as the curtain wall aluminum orifice plates currently used in China are concerned, most of them are spray coating and fluorocarbon treatment.

What Exactly is Perforated Metal Mesh used for?cid=4

Perforated Metal Screen Mesh

The surface of the aluminum plate punching board curtain wall is generally treated with chromization and other pretreatments, and then treated with fluorocarbon spraying. Polyvinylidene fluoride resin for fluorocarbon paint topcoat and varnish. Generally divided into two coatings, three coatings or four coatings. Fluorocarbon coating has anti-corrosion and weather resistance, can resist acid rain, salt fog and various air pollutants, good resistance to cold and heat, can resist strong infrared radiation, long-term retention without fading, powdering, long service life.

In practical application, after the aluminum plate punching plate is generally punched, it needs to be bent and sprayed on the surface before the final product can be used for decoration. The effect of folding is to strengthen the strength of the perforated aluminum plate and facilitate installation, and the surface spraying treatment can spray various colors or textures on the surface of the perforated aluminum plate to make it have a strong decorative effect.

Outside shading of the building is not only a functional measure on the facade, but also one of the important modeling elements on the facade of the building, which is both functional and artistic. The perforated aluminum plate combines with the glass curtain wall and window opening to produce a shading effect, which integrates the color art effect of the building with the energy-saving effect and adds luster to the building as a whole. Do you already know the role of aluminum punching plate, and also fell in love with aluminum punching plate!

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