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Do you know the status of Perforated Metal Mesh?

Dec. 14, 2019

Nowadays, the overall economic situation of our country is in a downward direction, and the Perforated Metal Mesh industry is also in an awkward situation, that is, transformation and upgrading. During the transformation and upgrading, both opportunities and challenges are faced. The two main challenges are fierce market competition and rising costs.

There are various ways of competition in the market, such as price war, brand war, marketing war, etc. A price war is one of the more common and representative ones. There are many Architectural Perforated Mesh Suppliers, and the industry is very fierce. The price war is undoubtedly one of the more fierce competition methods.

In general, in the face of fierce competition, manufacturers cannot blindly follow the public. They must create and innovate products from the perspective of consumers, and find ways to save costs. Satisfying the quality and price needs of consumers can be invincible.

Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh

Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh

As a completely publicly developed building exterior wall design, its exterior wall decoration also naturally follows the flowing space. If the exterior wall decorative board can wrap the entire building inside and outside, a transparent open inner courtyard blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, and It is the diversified use possibilities of decorative punching plates for metal exterior walls that have made this design possible. The continuous and uninterrupted use makes the transition of space and the flow of people very natural.

The designer wrapped the part along the street with a metal decorative plate to give it a new image. At the same time, the hollow design can also reflect the colors of the original building, forming a dialogue between the old and new buildings. Our Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh can be said to provide different degrees of transparency from different visual angles.

Any kind of product has its quality requirements, so it is a wire mesh, so what is the quality requirement of this product? First of all, in order to satisfy the strong requirements of welding, steel or metal wire itself is also a wire. For the wire to the exterior, it is necessary to weld. If it does not meet the consolidation requirements of welding, naturally it is. There will be many problems in use. Of course, in addition to welding to meet the strong requirements, but also to meet beautiful requirements, if you are not satisfied with this aspect of welding, it is difficult to transport users better.

Because the net is made of metal materials, and the use of metal materials is the first requirement to satisfy the requirements of corrosion resistance, if it is not satisfied with this requirement, it will promise to lose its beauty after a period of use and many are also used in severe corrosive environments natural. Corrosion resistance is also more important. Of course, it is also necessary to change the appearance of the product. If the surface coating does not meet the corrosion resistance, it is equal to the product's corrosion resistance.

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