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What is the Reasons of Use Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh?

Sep. 24, 2020

As an Architectural Wire Mesh Factory, share with you. Decorative Wire Mesh is also called Architectural Mesh, Decorative Metal Mesh and Decorative Mesh Panels. We manufacture high quality decorative wire mesh for building decorative solutions, such as ceilings, walls, exterior facades, space divider, etc. Our architectural mesh has almost unlimited range of forms and styles for interior and exterior building decoration. It gives building an amazing view and reaches a unique aesthetic. The most popularly used products are flat wire decorative wire mesh, double crimp decorative wire mesh, round crimp decorative wire mesh, etc.

We work closely with architects or designers. Many of our clients demand the architectural mesh with customized designs; we are very pleased to support you with our advanced technique, manufacture workshop and high quality products.

Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh China4

Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh China

Decorative Mesh Available Colors:

1: Natural colors: Brass, Bronze, Stainless, etc.

2: Plated colors: Brass, Bronze, Antique Brass, Antique Bronze, Nickel, Silver, Gold, etc.

Decorative Mesh Available Materials:

Stainless steel, iron wire, copper, brass, aluminum, and aluminum alloys, etc.

Architectural mesh is woven using rigid wire. However a combination of rigid wire and braided wire cable is used where a more flexible mesh is required. The specifications are determined by varying the spacings between the wires or cables and also through the use of different wire diameters.

Our range of metal mesh is created especially for architecture. Architectural mesh is used mainly as shade screens, facades, and also architectural ceilings. It can also be used for metal draperies for walls, as well as partitions. In addition, mesh for architecture is used for staircase isolation screens.

3 Reasons To Use Architectural Wire Mesh & Perforated Metal Panels

Are you going for a unique aesthetic? Like other metal architecture components, wire mesh and perforated metal have their own feel. The aesthetic is versatile based on specified hole size, hole pattern, and material.

These architectural metal products offer a few other natural perks:

1. Acoustic Benefits (in Tandem With Sound-Absorbing Fill)

Industrial soundproofing

Busy roads

Meeting places

Other privacy/quiet needs

2. Ventilation/Filtration of Light, Air, Heat, & Gas

Drainage of liquids

Pressure & atmosphere control

Temperature balance

3. Privacy & Security

Separation by visual “planes” that offer partial privacy & light shading

Stairway railing infill panels that offer safety

Full-height wall surfaces that allow see-through openness, but also security of contents

Our company also has Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh China for sale, welcome to consult us.

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