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Perforated Metals for Sports Architecture

May. 13, 2022

Perforated metal has become the star of the sports architecture scene, with more and more companies incorporating perforated metal into their material line-ups. But why?

Today's sports centers are exciting, inspiring and ambitious places. Architects are challenged to create sites that deliver design and experience both on and off the field and meet budget goals. This is where perforated metal proves itself to be an essential toolkit for the development of sports complexes in the public and private sectors.


Sports Architecture Project Concepts

We work closely with the architects of each project to understand development details, goals and requirements prior to production, including site architecture, light, privacy and spatial flow.


Perforated Metals for Sports Architecture


Perforated Metal in Sports Architecture

Some of the biggest reasons perforated metal continues to be popular in sports center design is its strength and adaptability.

Because it can be custom fabricated to meet all budgetary, performance and aesthetic needs, it is a material that can be used in virtually every aspect of sports architecture, from load-bearing fixtures to decorative interior applications.

Perforated metal is commonly used in stadiums and sports centers around the world for:

Spectator screens, barriers, balconies and staircases

Perforated metal can be specified to meet all the necessary strength and load-bearing requirements for spectator safety.


As an easy-to-clean material, perforated metal is ideal for high-touch points of use where strict Covid 19 cleaning regimes are required.


Perforated metal can be custom designed to create an eye-catching and unique building facade that meets the architect's vision, development purpose and appeal.


The architects also used perforated metal as a sustainable material for building ventilation and cooling, consistent with the environmental goals of the project.

Perforated Metals for Sports Architecture

Staggered 60 Degrees Round Hole Perforated Metal


Advantages of Perforated Metal in Sports Architecture

The use of perforated metal in sports center development can provide architects with a range of project advantages, including budgetary and creative opportunities:.

● Panels fold, bend, and shape easily to achieve matching development designs without compromising graphics

● Sports graphics, images, illustrations or branding can be transformed into perforated metal to create strong visual interest throughout the complex

● It can be colored in a variety of shades, tones and effects after fabrication to create aesthetic impact

● Panels can be manufactured in any size up to 5m for complete façade coverage

● Perforated metal can be coated with special finishes to ensure longevity and durability

● It can be customized to meet exact project requirements - including acoustics, strength and sustainability needs

● A variety of metals and patterns are available to suit every project budget - from cost-effective standard patterns to custom designs and fully customized creative solutions


Perforated metal solutions for architectural projects

With over 30 years of metal perforation expertise, we can produce virtually any metal design, from photos and illustrations to custom architectural patterns, without compromising metal performance.

For a consultation on your next project, contact our team of experts at +86 133 1580 3950 or send us an online inquiry here.


Perforated Metals for Sports Architecture

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