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Do you Know Practical Tips for Installing Aluminum Sheet Curtain Walls?

Jun. 09, 2021

As a modern mainstream building decoration material, aluminum veneer curtain wall is popular for its atmospheric style and excellent product performance. The installation of aluminum veneer curtain wall is also quite convenient and quick. Expanded Metal Mesh Supplier shares some installation tips to help everyone install aluminum The veneer curtain wall can be smoother.

Raised Expanded Metal Sheet

Raised Expanded Metal Sheet

(1) The aluminum veneer curtain wall and the accessories that need to be used are all carefully made and matched by the aluminum veneer manufacturer. There is no need to cut again during installation, and only the required products need to be transported to the construction site by means of transportation. For better installation and later effects, the inside, surface, and frame surface of the aluminum veneer curtain wall need to be cleaned before installation.

(2) The aluminum veneer curtain wall is connected and fixed with the keel through corners. If seamless splicing is required, holes can be drilled on the keel, and then flat-head aluminum rivets can be used for splicing. However, if the installation method is to use the external glue seam, you can use screws to fix the position of the connecting hole of the corner code and the keel directly.

(3) In order to perform the installation work more efficiently, the aluminum veneer curtain wall products can be numbered. When installing, install them one by one according to the number, which will save more time.

(4) When installing aluminum veneer curtain wall, it is necessary to install the front surface first. For larger areas, follow the principle of top to bottom. All connections, fixings and gaps must be treated in strict accordance with the drawings to ensure Construction effect.

(5) Special attention should be paid to the positions of some nodes and closings. If there is no alignment or unevenness, you need to install the side plate first, and then install the pressure plate to fix it. In order to prevent water seepage when it rains or snow melts, a special water baffle must be used when installing the closing position.

(6) In order to better use aluminum veneer curtain walls, extend their service life, and reduce maintenance costs, some plastic films or other materials can be used as protective measures to protect the surface of aluminum veneer curtain walls in some places that are prone to pollution.

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