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Do you Know Decorative Laser Cutting Screens?

Feb. 04, 2021

The screen is a kind of furniture used to block the wind in traditional Chinese buildings, the so-called "screening the wind". As an important part of traditional furniture, screens have a long history. Screens are generally arranged in conspicuous places in the room, which play a role in separation, beautification, wind shielding, and coordination. It complements each other with classical furniture, complements each other, and becomes an integral whole of Chinese-style home decoration, presenting a harmonious and peaceful beauty.

Decorative Laser Cutting Screens

Decorative Laser Cutting Screens

Traditional screens include lacquer screens, wood-carved screens, stone screens, silk screens, etc. due to different materials. Because stainless steel has the characteristics of high strength, no rust, impact resistance, and long service life, more and more metal screens have entered the public eye In the process of making metal screens, the use of advanced laser technology brings more possibilities for screen design.

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