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What does the Hole Rate, Margin and Tolerance of the Punching Plate Mean?

Nov. 21, 2020

Many people don't know what the opening rate, margin and tolerance of the punching mesh mean. The Metal Sheet Mesh Manufacturer will give you a brief introduction below.

Obviously, what corresponds to the hole diameter and hole type is the open porosity. Porosity refers to the ratio of the area of the hole to the total area of the board, and it can be expressed as a percentage. You must pay attention to the pressure of the punching equipment that can cause the deformation of the plate, and the greater the opening rate, the more obvious the deformation of the plate, especially if there are no edges at the four corners. This kind of deformation can be leveled by a special machine in our workshop, so you need to consider the special requirements for leveling and submit it to us.

Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded Metal Mesh

Stay side

Leave margin refers to the non-punched area on the edge of the sheet. A typical orifice plate needs to be left on the long side. If you have special requirements, you need to provide us with the dimensions of the four sides. Due to production reasons, the edge may be affected. If it is not suitable for your requirements, we will provide similar products with your consent.


Punched products are allowed to have certain tolerances in thickness, margin, opening rate, flatness, etc. Like the manufacturing process of other products, the stricter the tolerance requirements, the higher the corresponding production cost.

Metallic characteristics Aluminum is a metal with high ductility, low density and good electrical conductivity. It is easy to produce bright space effects in the application of building skins. Can reflect the hazy image and tone of the surrounding environment. Compared with the transparency of glass (the term "transparency" is provided by the industry encyclopedia) and the opacity of metal sheets, the perforated aluminum plate achieves a translucent effect between the two, which can form a hazy feeling like yarn. Lightness, enriching the expressiveness of the architectural skin.

The application of perforated aluminum sheet in construction skin:

Visual integrity

When the perforated aluminum sheet skin wraps the building facade, it can form a homogeneous facade with other materials, enrich the texture and layers of the skin, and adjust indoor lighting and shading conditions. You can also design some different skin effects:

(1)Homogeneous visual effects. The homogenous visual effect is achieved by the uniform perforation rate of the perforated aluminum plate unit and the homogeneous skin structure of the aluminum plate unit.

(2)Non-homogeneous visual effects

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