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Do you Know Galvanized Flattened Expanded Metal?

Jan. 28, 2021

As a Metal Sheet Mesh Manufacturer, I would like to share with you our new products.

Galvanized Flattened Expanded Metal

Galvanized Flattened Expanded Metal refers to a metal substrate that is galvanized on both sides of the cold-rolled steel plate. It can be directly made into paint buckets or other metal containers, and can also be used for decorative panels. The colored paint is plated on the galvanized sheet to become the colored zinc sheet. Wall decoration generally uses galvanized iron plates above 183g/m2, and roof decoration generally uses galvanized iron plates above 244g/m2. In addition, there is a kind of thin steel plate without any other metal coating. The specifications and dimensions are similar to the tin-plated steel plate, and its basic properties are the characteristics of the steel substrate of the tin-plated steel plate. In the production of printed iron, this type of sheet is suitable for miscellaneous can bodies, lids, thermos shells, and signs that have coatings on both sides, and are also commonly used as substrates for coated iron.

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