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Do you know Fluorocarbon Spray-Color Expanded Metal Mesh?

Apr. 23, 2020

Fluorocarbon Spray-Color Design Metal Mesh

Fluorocarbon Spray-Color Design Metal Mesh wall claddings stimulates unlimited creation space, innovation and fashion. Analysis of the future trend of curtain wall 1 From bulky to lighter panels and structures 2 Variety gradually to more types of panels and richer colors (currently stone, ceramic panels, glass-ceramic, high-pressure laminates, cement fiber silk boards, (Approximately 60 kinds of plates such as glass, inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic, clay plate, ceramic protection plate, metal plate, etc. are applied to the outer wall) 3 higher safety performance

Fluorocarbon spray-color design expanded metal mesh 4 More flexible and convenient construction technology 5 Higher waterproof performance, extending the life of the curtain wall (from closed curtain wall to open curtain wall) 6 Environmental protection and energy saving (currently used in the European and American construction market is metal Decorative insulation board, which is composed of aluminum and zinc alloy carved finishes, polyurethane insulation layer, and glass fiber cloth, which have been painted in colorful paint. It takes into account the functions of decoration and heat preservation and energy saving. The topcoat has no fading for 10-15 years, and the overall service life is 45 years ;)

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