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Different Applications of Expanded Metal

Jun. 25, 2022

Expanded metal is a type of metal produced from a sheet of any solid metal, including stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, titanium or copper.

Expanded metal contains diamond-shaped openings, which make it a versatile product commonly used in areas like platforms, catwalks, walkways, rail enclosures and conveyors, among many others. It can also retrofit over existing grating, flooring or diamond plate, and is a perfect cost-efficient solution in many areas. Here are four common types of expanded metal.

Different Applications of Expanded Metal

American Standard Expanded Metal


A Versatile Product

Expanded sheet metal is a versatile and economical product that is durable, easy to work with, and provides low wind resistance. It offers one-piece construction that won’t unravel under normal circumstances, and will hold its shape for many years. The strands and bonds of the diamond-shaped trusses add strength and rigidity.


It is commonly used in a wide range of applications, such as:

● Machine guards

● Catwalks, platforms and stair treads

● Grating/flooring

● Stair and balcony railing mesh

● Window security

● Vents

● Conveyers

● Shelves

● And much more


Standard Expanded Metal

Standard expanded metal is created in a press that cuts and stretches metal, forming overlapping strips of a diamond pattern. This pattern provides air circulation, but also maintains the strength and durability of the original metal. There are dozens of different expanded metal sizes and weights, and these can be utilized in lockers, warehouse enclosures and machinery safety guards.


Flattened Expanded Metal

After the standard process, flattened expanded metal is processed a second time using a cold rolling press to flatten it. This creates a smooth, level surface, making flattened expanded metal perfect for fencing, ventilation, cages and flooring. All-metal slip-resistant coatings can be applied for walkways, allowing pedestrians a durable and high-traction surface.


Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded metal mesh is offered in varying shapes and sizes, from fine mesh to heavier versions. It’s most commonly seen used in decorative and architectural purposes such as sun screens, room dividers, grills and ventilated storage systems.


Expanded Metal Grating

This is a form of grating used to create low carbon steel plates, which are heavier than usual. These are used for heavy-duty areas like machine platforms, walkways, stairs or major pedestrian areas. Expanded metal grating yields a fantastic strength-to-weight ratio, and is also naturally slip-proof without a single bit of additional processing.


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Different Applications of Expanded Metal

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