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The Development of Building Curtain Wall

Apr. 11, 2020

With the rapid development of China’s national economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, and the improvement of the architect’s design concept of “humanity in architecture”, buildings are becoming more and more high-rise, high-end and multifunctional. Therefore, the Building Curtain Wall products will inevitably develop in the direction of high technology and multi-function, so as to meet people's increasing awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, and to meet the market demand for building curtain wall functions.

Building Curtain Wall

Building Curtain Wall

1. Ventilated double-layer curtain wall or ventilated curtain wall, as a more popular building envelope, originated in North America and has been widely used in Europe. In terms of ventilation methods, it can be divided into two major systems: internal ventilation and external ventilation. The outer layer of the internal ventilation double-layer curtain wall is a closed structure. Ventilation is performed in the two-layer space of the curtain wall. Usually, the cooperation of a centralized forced ventilation system is required to exchange with the natural world to achieve the final effect. Internal ventilation double-layer curtain wall system is widely used in Italy; external ventilation relies on the external air of the building to rationally organize airflow through the air inlet and outlet of the double-layer curtain wall, and directly exchange with nature to achieve the final effect. Externally ventilated double-layer curtain walls are widely used in Germany and Britain.

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