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What are the Design Tips for Curtain Wall Decoration Nets?

May. 23, 2020

As an Architectural Wire Mesh Factory, share with you. Curtain wall decorative nets are also called metal decorative nets and decorative metal nets. It is made of stainless steel wire, carbon steel wire, etc. The effect is to decorate, shade and save energy on the appearance of the building. The curtain wall decoration net is made of high-quality 304 or 316 stainless steel wire. The radial wire is stainless steel wire rope, 2-4 pieces are in a group, and each group is at a certain interval. It is a single stainless steel rod, and one at regular intervals. The length direction is not limited. It is the original material of the modern construction of metal decorative net.

Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh China

Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh China

1. Lighting is the most basic: good lighting can increase the brightness and transparency of the space and reduce the pressure on the situation. Especially in the case of small spaces, lighting is more important.

2. Open kitchen: modern lifestyle and health factors. Low smoke dishes are very popular among young people. Consider planning an open kitchen. While improving the sense of space, it also increases the temperature of the life of metal decoration.

3. The carpet increases the temperature of the space: the use of carpet on the floor of the living room increases the sense of layering and soft and comfortable gaps.

4. Semi-open partition: For example, a semi-open video wall can not only distinguish the use of different spaces, but also consider visual transparency and maintain a spacious space.

5. Expansion of light-colored spaces: the use of light-colored or monochromatic whites can give a visual sense of extension, and use in a small range of spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, can reduce the feeling of crowding and oppression.

6. The view of using the window: The decoration is not necessarily the real thing of the room, the view outside the window is very good, it is an excellent visual enjoyment.

7. lighting adds space expression: using light and shadow changes, let the space show a little style.

8. add style to the wallpaper: use special geometric shapes, patterns or dots, and even colors to make the monotonous wall instantly have life.

9. The rustic nature of wood: use the characteristics of wood to increase the temperature of the living space, showing a simple and natural temperament.

Curtain wall decoration nets include: metal net curtains, metal drapery curtains, metal window cloths, copper curtains, drapery curtains, spiral metal net curtains, decorative metal net curtains, metal curtain wall curtains, ceilings, ceiling metal net curtains. With the advancement of skills in the field of construction and decoration, the continuous emergence of construction materials has aroused widespread attention in the industry. The products are gradually sophisticated, and are used in the iconic construction and decoration projects, and gradually enter the international market.

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