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What is the Construction Method of the Building Perforated Net?

Dec. 10, 2020

As an Architectural Perforated Mesh Supplier, share it with you.

1. Outer skin main body

The perforated aluminum plate is the main body of the exterior performance of the building, and the overall effect of the perforated aluminum plate of different plate types and construction methods is different. As a complete and powerful image, the building stands in the natural environment. The facade of the building is covered by a richly shaped perforated aluminum sheet. The light is filtered by the building skin. The light entering the building becomes very soft, creating a very Good light environment.

2. Elements of the outer skin

The perforated aluminum keel system can be juxtaposed with the aluminum plate unit to form an outer skin system. According to the size of the perforated aluminum plate unit module, the keel system often divides the building facade with a homogeneous grid to emphasize the sense of facade scale.

Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh

Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh

Building physical environment

1. Application of shading characteristics. The indoor heat of the building is mainly transmitted through the holes of the perforated aluminum plate to the inner layer through the cavity. Choosing the appropriate perforated aluminum plate skin shading form and perforation rate are the keys to its shading effect.

2. Application of lighting characteristics. The lighting and shading characteristics should be considered. By setting an appropriate perforation rate, the same perforated aluminum plate can not only achieve the shading effect, but also meet the indoor lighting needs.

3. Application of ventilation characteristics. Perforated aluminum panels are used as building skins and are often used as open external circulation system ventilation curtain walls, suitable for hot summer and cold winter areas. Ventilated, energy-saving and environmentally friendly curtain walls are more energy-efficient than traditional curtain walls for heating.

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