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Brass Wire Cloth for Decorative Screens

Jul. 01, 2022

Brass Wire Cloth for Decorative Screens

As we know, the brass includes 60-70% copper plus 30-40% zinc. It offers good resistance to corrosion like copper although its electrical and thermal conductivity are lower.

The tensile properties of brass mesh is higher than those of copper with some sacrifice in formability. It is often used for decoration due to its bright gold-like appearance.

The brass wire cloth can be used to make decorative screens for a variety of applications. It is for radiator cabinets, loudspeakers, air conditioning or other products requiring a screen for decorative purposes.




From kitchen cabinets to handcrafted furniture, our gorgeous wire mesh options create a functional, stylish texture. Explore decorative wire mesh for cabinets, chair backs, drawer fronts, decorative screens and so much more.

Ornamental mesh can create unique aesthetics depending on the material and finish. Round, flat and square wires will allow you to explore distinct designs. Add something truly exquisite to your home with decorative wire mesh in brass, black, copper, bronze, nickel, pewter or silver.



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