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Aluminum Expanded Mesh for Car Parking

Dec. 26, 2023

Aluminum expanded mesh is an excellent material choice for car parking facilities due to its durability, lightweight nature, and aesthetic appeal. It offers a blend of strength and functionality, making it ideal for various applications within parking structures.Aluminum expanded mesh provides a multifunctional and efficient solution for car parking applications, merging performance with aesthetics to meet the needs of modern infrastructure.

General application of Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh Facade:

  • External wall cladding

  • Sunshade screens.

  • Building cladding panels.

  • Balcony&Balustrade

  • Building curtain wall Mesh

  • Bird screens.

  • Partitions / enclosures

  • Ventilation parts for air conditioners.

  • Louvers.

  • Metal cabinet shelves.

  • Amusement equipment.

  • Security mesh of doors and windows.

Aluminum Expanded Mesh for Car Parking

Aluminum Expanded Mesh for Car Parking

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