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Anti Skid Plate For Walkways

Grip Strut Grating has a non-slip diamond surface that is ideal for safety applications where mud, ice, snow, oil and detergents can create hazardous walking.Aluminum grip strut is safety grating that provides a higher level of support than standard stair tread grating.

Product parameters

Grip Strut Grating is a one-of-a-kind plank grating sporting a hefty 24 foot clear span capability.Heavy Duty Grip Strut Safety Grating products offer the advantages of regular GRIP STRUT plus the capabilities for greater loads and/or longer spans.

Channel height available:2”,2 1/2”,3”,4”,5”(walkway)

Steel gauge:9GA,10GA,11GA

Channel width:9 1/4”,13 3/4”,27 4/7”,30”,36”

Standard Length:10’,12’

Normally Used material:Aluminum,Stainless Steel,Galvanized Steel,Black HRPO,etc

Popular type:2-Diamond,3-Diamond,5-Diamond,6-Diamond,8-Diamond,etc

MaterialThicknessChannel Width - Diamond hole No.Bending HeightFoldingLength
    Stainless Steel
    Carbon Steel
4 3/4" - 2 Diamond Hole30mm
max 12'
7" - 3 diamond hole
9 1/2" - 4 diamond hole
11 3/4" - 5 diamond hole
14 1/2" - 6 diamond hole
17" - 7 diamond hole
18 3/4" - 8 diamond hole
21 1/2" - 9 diamond hole
24" - 10 diamond hole

Product Features

Grip Strut walkways gratings are ideal for process plants,refineries,grain elevators,conveyor walkways,underbridge inspection walkways,papermills,etc.Heavy Duty GRIP STRUT is more competitive than ever against Bar Grating.Shorter lead times,24-foot spans,less support structure and labor savings make it the most unique formed plank grating available.

Features and advantages of grip strut gratings includes:

  • Light, easy to handle planks make installation easy

  • Versatility due to multiple finish options and a variety of standard configurations

  • Large open area allows debris to drain away

  • Walkways meet OSHA requirements for toeboards on elevated structures

  • Resilient surface lessens worker fatigue

  • High strength-to-weight ratio

Scope of application

Our anti-skid stair treads patterns improves and increase continuously,with higher and higher consciousness of people,even many factories offer injury insurance for the workers to avoid the loss that the accident injury brings,however,it is hard to stop the incident rates that workers injured.In this function,safety grating owns excellent anti skidding ability,also high load capability and great anti-pressure ability decrease the injury rates greatly and guarantee the safe running of the workshop.Usages and application of Grip Strut Gratings includes:

  • sewage treatment,for running water and power plant

  • outdoor safety grating for vehicles,steppes for train

  • safety stair treads for machines

  • working platform

  • sidewalk channel

  • catwalk grating

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