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Expanded Metal lath for Stucco

Expanded metal lath is a type of construction material commonly used as a reinforcing underlayment for plaster, stucco, and concrete applications. It is made by slitting and stretching a metal sheet to form a mesh-like pattern. The process of expanding the metal creates a sheet that is structurally stronger than the original material. Expanded metal lath provides an excellent key for finishing materials to adhere to, and it is an effective solution for providing reinforcement in construction projects.

Product parameters

Expanded metal lath comes in various sizes and specifications, which are important to consider for the specific requirements of a construction project. Here are some common parameters and features that define expanded metal lath:

1. Material: It is typically made from galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or other durable metals that resist corrosion.

2. Sheet Size:The size of the metal lath sheet can vary. Common sizes include 27 inches by 96 inches (approximately 2.25 feet by 8 feet) or other dimensions as required.

3. Weight: Metal lath is categorized by weight, which is often expressed in pounds per square yard (lbs/yd²). Common weights include 1.75 lbs/yd², 2.5 lbs/yd², and 3.4 lbs/yd², among others.

Product Features

Key Features of Expanded Metal Lath:

Durability: The metal lath is resistant to corrosion and provides robust support for various types of finishes.

Flexibility: It can conform to curved surfaces, making it versatile for different architectural designs.

Strength: The expansion process increases the strength of the metal, allowing it to support heavier finishes without sagging.

Lightweight: Despite its strength, expanded metal lath is relatively lightweight, making it easy to handle and install.

Adhesion: The diamond-shaped openings in the lath provide an excellent mechanical key for securing plaster or stucco.

Ventilation: The mesh design allows for effective air circulation, which can help prevent moisture buildup and related issues.

Scope of application

Common Applications:

  • Exterior Stucco Support: Provides a stable base for stucco on building exteriors.

  • Interior Plastering: Used as a backing to ensure a strong bond for interior plaster.

  • Ceilings and Partitions: Offers support for plaster in ceilings and as part of partition walls.

  • Architectural Sculpting: Serves as a framework for sculptural elements in architectural detailing.

  • Concrete Reinforcement: Acts as a reinforcement layer in certain concrete applications, such as floors or decorative elements.

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