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Expanded Metal Gothic Mesh

Gothic mesh is also called expanded metal gothic mesh,widely used for gate,windows,mesh fence,farm fence or protective mesh fence.Gothic Mesh Usually hot dipped galvanized or black powder coated with standar size of 4ftx8ft and available weight 11kg,11.5kg,12kg,19kg,22kg,etc

Product parameters

Hot Sale Expanded metal Gothic Mesh 

Hot   dipped Galvanized Expanded Gothic Metal Mesh
Sheet sizeHole size
AISN gothic mesh2.754ftx8ft27x38,27x76
AISN gothic mesh34ftx8ft27x38,27x76
AISN gothic mesh3.54ftx8ft27x38,27x76

Product Features

Galvanized gothic expanded mesh has many features for mesh fence application:

  1. Decorative hole,looks nice than ordinary diamond expanded mesh

  2. Custom-size cutting for different usage

  3. Galvanized surface protects surface durable application with anti corrostion

  4. Powder coated surface gothic mesh width various colors

Scope of application

Expanded Gothic metal Mesh has wide applications:

  1. Metal mesh fence

  2. Farm fence

  3. Window guard

  4. Air container guard

  5. Machinery Guard

  6. Barriers for railways,or roads

  7. Hardware gothic mesh

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