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Square BBQ Wire Mesh Barbeque Net Grill Mesh

The square BBQ grill wire mesh can be provided with stainless steel and galvanized wire.Suit for cooking steak, fish, shrimp, shrimp, vegetables, tomatoes, pizza and more food.

Product parameters

Product CodeMaterialGrill SizeShape
AISNBBQ -300Galvanized/Stainless Seel400*300mmrectangle
AISNBBQ015-300Galvanized/Stainless Seel200*300mmrectangle
AISNBBQ015-380Galvanized/Stainless Seel230*380mmrectangle
AISNBBQ015-400Galvanized/Stainless Seel200*400mmrectangle
AISNBBQ015-500Galvanized/Stainless Seel200*500mmrectangle
AISNBBQ015-600Galvanized/Stainless Seel200*600mmrectangle
AISNBBQ016-400Galvanized/Stainless Seel250*400mmrectangle
AISNBBQ016-500Galvanized/Stainless Seel250*500mmrectangle
AISNBBQ016-600Galvanized/Stainless Seel250*600mmrectangle
AISNBBQ016-700Galvanized/Stainless Seel250*700mmrectangle
AISNBBQ016-800Galvanized/Stainless Seel250*800mmrectangle
AISNBBQ016-1000Galvanized/Stainless Seel250*1000mmrectangle
AISNBBQ017-400Galvanized/Stainless Seel300*400mmrectangle
AISNBBQ017-500Galvanized/Stainless Seel300*500mmrectangle
AISNBBQ017-600Galvanized/Stainless Seel300*600mmrectangle
AISNBBQ017-700Galvanized/Stainless Seel300*700mmrectangle
AISNBBQ017-800Galvanized/Stainless Seel300*800mmrectangle
AISNBBQ017-1000Galvanized/Stainless Seel300*1000mmrectangle

Product Features

  • Product function: barbecue, commercial, household

  • Various specifications, easy to use and multipurpose

  • A variety of specifications, real materials, uniform grid, not easy to paste meat, delicious on the tip of your tongue

  • Genuine materials, not easy to oxidize, and the solder joint is firm.

  • Thin and smooth, wear-resistant and drop-resistant, it's not easy to glue meat

  • It's not easy to oxidize and deform, round and smooth, doesn't hurt your hands, and the surface is smooth and corrosion resistant.

  • The grill design is uniform and dense, so there's no need to worry about the barbecue dropping. It is durable and fast heat transfer

Scope of application

Square BBQ Wire Mesh Barbeque Net Grill Mesh

Square BBQ Wire Mesh Barbeque Net Grill Mesh

Square BBQ Wire Mesh Barbeque Net Grill Mesh

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